Glenn A. Saltzman, Ph.D.
(A Bio-Sketch)

Dr. Glenn Saltzman devotes his efforts to helping others make their good lives better.

Professionally, Dr. Saltzman holds a Ph.D. in Counseling from The Ohio State University, where he also earned his B.Sc. and M.A. He has held positions: as a teacher and coach; Assistant State Supervisor of Guidance and Counseling; Chair and Professor of Counseling and Personnel Services at Kent State University; and, Director of Basic Medical Sciences and Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine (Now the North East Ohio Medical University). Upon retirement, Dr. Saltzman was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Behavioral Science, which was changed in 2015 to Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine. He received the Olson- Blair Award for Administrative excellence and the Provost’s Award for Distinguished Service. Dr. Saltzman authored nine textbooks, 17 monographs and numerous articles in national journals.

As a Professional Speaker/Consultant, Dr. Glenn, as he is known to his audiences, has spoken or consulted in every state except Maine, Delaware, Wyoming and Idaho (although he and Ruth have been to every state). He is a popular professional speaker/consultant and has spoken/consulted with over 500 business groups in the last thirty years. He has given over three hundred and fifty speeches/workshops to the National Grocers Association alone, and several thousand to other groups. He combines humor with his ability to explain difficult psychological principles in a practical and entertaining way.

As a Community Leader, Glenn, as he known to his friends, is very active. He has served as Lay Leader and Chair of the Administrative Board of his former church (and currently serves as a gardener and usher at his present church), as President of his Rotary Club, in leadership roles on many service organization boards and is active in many fund raising endeavors. After chairing the Portage County Health Department Levy Campaign, he and Ruth received the first annual “Friends of Public Health” Award (2007) from the Portage County Health Advisory Council. In 2008, they received the Distinguished Community Service Award from Coleman Professional Services, and most recently they received the Robinson Memorial Hospital Distinguished Service Award (2013). Glenn was named Kent Rotarian of the Year (2014). The Career Construction Institute honored Glenn by the formation of The Glenn A. Saltzman Scholarship for Leadership and Community Service (2018).

Personally, Glenn is proud of being a ten-gallon blood donor, having earned a commercial pilot’s license, and having served thirty-two years in the US Naval Reserve, earning the rank of Captain. Captain Saltzman was awarded Plank Owner status by the USS Hermitage (LSD-34). He has hiked many challenging trails with friends, his favorite being the Grand Canyon. Glenn and his son, Jeff, recently canoed the entire Cuyahoga River (123 miles). Glenn and Ruth have taken their four grandsons on many trips, including four to Europe and visits to more than twenty-five states. Ruth and Glenn have visited all fifty states and Glenn has spoken in all but Delaware, Idaho, Maine and Wyoming. Glenn enjoys hiking, golfing, gardening, exercising, working on his web site and exploring new adventures with Ruth and their family, which includes two sons (Jeff [Sally] and Jay), one daughter (Jill) and four grandsons (Daniel, Andrew, Connor and Glenn Austin).

Very Personally, Glenn is proudest of being married to Ruth, his wife of fifty-nine years (June 9, 1957). Ruth had a long career as a surgical, geriatric, intensive care and hospice nurse. Ruth is the most caring, sweet and beautiful person Glenn has ever known and many of their friends wonder why she married him. They are happy because they have so many friends and a family who loves them…all of whom are loved in return.

November 2016