Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


Prior to my retirement in 1996, I spent nearly eight years trying to determine the effects on grandparents, parents, and grandchildren in families in which the grandparents were heads of households in home whose their minor grandchildren lived (both with parents present and without parents present). During the latter part of this research I was joined by Patricia Pakan, Ph.D.

Five Articles - This site contains a summary of this work prepared in five articles for use in the popular press they are:

• GRG:  Invisible Care Givers
• GRG:  The Grandparents
• GRG:  The Grandchildren
• GRG:  The Parents
• GRG:  Some Concluding Thoughts

Transparency Material - This site contains the transparency material used in professional speeches about GRG.

Summary Article - This site contains an article which is a summary of the comments of 400 elementary school children entitled, "What would your Grandchildren have said?" This article summarizes the thoughts of children reflecting on their grandparents. Ellie Wiggins, Eds, co-authored this article.

Biographical Sketch of Patricia Pakan, PhD